Apr 12, 2023


proftpd problems after update buster to bullseye
あとは、nvidiaのドライバーを手動で更新する必要があった。「apt-get install nvidia-driver-libs」をリカバリーモードで実行した。

Upgrading Debian

I upgraded the Linux on the "Urokocity" server from buster to bullseye.
The format of "/etc/apt/sources.list" is a little different from when it was buster. This should be mentioned in the release notes.

I had the same issue as when I upgraded the Ashtray Town server. I needed to change one setting in the proftpd configuration file.
There were proftpd problems after updating from buster to bullseye.
proftpd problems after update buster to bullseye
You can see it on the page above, which says 22nd line, but what I added today with vi was even earlier.

In addition, I had to manually update the nvidia driver. I ran "apt-get install nvidia-driver-libs" in recovery mode.

There were no other issues.
The computer on the left in the photo is the "Urokocity" server.


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