Apr 27, 2023


『うろこアンソロジー 2022年版+うろこ短編集 2023年版[鉄道]』30冊を、文学フリマ東京で配布するために、昨日に引き続き、InDesignで組んだ。
2つのアンソロジーを足すとちょうど、44ページと4の倍数で、白ページが出ない。 間に2ページの中扉を作って、小湊鉄道の車両内の写真を入れてみた。

----『うろこアンソロジー 2022年版+うろこ短編集 2023年版[鉄道]』30冊----- (製本直送.comで、)
で、1冊278円×30−(278×1.5)円[割引1.5冊分]=7,923円、配送料770円で 合計8,693円(税込み)

Order another book for binding

Today was a rare sunny day, so I took a walk and even went into a nearby electronics store even though I didn't need to buy anything.
I put together the "Uroko Anthology 2022 Edition + Uroko Short Story Collection 2023 Edition [Railway]" containing 30 copies for distribution at the Tokyo Literature Festival, using InDesign, which I also did yesterday.
Combining the two anthologies resulted in a total of 44 pages, which is a multiple of 4 and does not leave any blank pages. I also created a two-page gatefold and included a photo of Kominato Railway's train interior.
The cost for this production is as follows. It is similar to yesterday's production, but with the addition of 4 pages, the cost has increased. I'm not sure how many copies will be needed for distribution, but I may have to adjust the quantity a little bit.

---- "Uroko Anthology 2022 Edition + Uroko Short Story Collection 2023 Edition [Railway]" 30 copies----- (directly from "製本直送.com")
A5 size, 44 pages, saddle-stitch binding
1 book at 278 yen x 30 - (278 x 1.5) yen [1.5 book discount] = 7,923 yen, plus 770 yen for shipping
Total: 8,693 yen (including tax)

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