Jul 14, 2023



----『ぐわらん洞』1冊----- (製本直送.comで)
で、1冊237円×1=237円、配送料240円で 合計477円(税込み)

We have created a booklet called "Photographs and Poetry."
It was designed using InDesign and exported to PDF.
I placed an order on the website "Seihonchokuso.com" for direct binding.
As a trial, I ordered one copy with glossy-coated art paper.

The booklet contains all the pages, and I used photographs for the front and back covers.
I titled it "Gwaran Cave." This will be the first chapter of the poetry collection we will release this year.
I plan to use the cover photo for the center spread.

----- "Gwaran Cave" - 1 Copy ----- (ordered from Seihonchokuso.com) Size: A5, 24 pages, coated paper (glossy), saddle stitch binding The cost is 237 yen per copy, so the total is 477 yen (including tax) with an additional shipping fee of 240 yen.

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