Jul 23, 2023



----『ぐわらん洞』30冊----- (製本直送.comで)
で、1冊237円×30-(237円×1.5割引)=6,755円、配送料770円で 合計7,525円(税込み)


I ordered 30 copies of the booklet "Photographs and Poems."
There were no changes to the content of "Gwaran-do," but I made slight adjustments to the colophon.
I placed an order for 30 copies. The total cost, including shipping, is 7,525 yen.
The more copies ordered, the higher the discount rate.

The rainy season has been declared over.
This year, the pandemic is gradually subsiding, and it seems that my grandchildren are enjoying a typical summer vacation again.

The expenses for this order are as follows:

---- "Gwaran-do" 30 copies ---- (ordered from 製本直送.com)
A5 size, 24 pages, coated paper (glossy), saddle-stitched Each copy costs 237 yen, and with a 1.5% discount for ordering 30 copies, the total comes to 6,755 yen.
The shipping fee is 770 yen, making the grand total 7,525 yen (including tax).


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