Aug 02, 2023



『ぐわらん洞』は小冊子で扱いやすいし、送りやすいので50冊増刷しておいた。 今回の費用は下のとおり。

----『ぐわらん洞』50冊----- (製本直送.comで)
で、1冊237円×50-(237円×5)=10,665円、配送料770円で 合計11,435円(税込み)

Cumulonimbus Clouds

Yesterday, I went to see an exhibition called "Weather Encyclopedia" and happened to encounter a thunderstorm.
It was a sudden shower, so I didn't get wet, but the thunder was roaring.
Today, I can still see cumulonimbus clouds in the sky.
The photo shows cumulonimbus clouds visible in the northern sky during the evening.

I printed an additional 50 copies of the booklet "Guwarandō" because it's easy to handle and send.
The expenses for this printing are as follows:

---- "Guwarandō" 30 copies ---- (through Seihon Chokusō.com)

A5 size, 24 pages, coated paper (glossy) used, perfect-bound So, 1 copy costs 237 yen, and for 50 copies, it's 10,665 yen - (237 yen × 5) = 10,665 yen, plus a delivery fee of 770 yen, making a total of 11,435 yen (including tax). It seems there's a 10% discount for ordering 50 copies.

Total booklet printing expenses for "Guwarandō" so far (51 copies produced until now):
477 yen + 7,525 yen + 10,665 yen = 18,667 yen (including tax).


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