Aug 27, 2023


顔面島は『とかげ荘』シリーズの第二話に当たる。 現在までこのシリーズは350枚(400字詰め原稿用紙)を書いてあるが、「顔面島」はそのうちの210枚分で、半分以上を占める。このシリーズはまだ続くが、舞台が一定であることもあり、この部分を1冊にすることにした。 次の週末までにはチェック本ができるだろう。

----『顔面島 〜とかげ荘 第二話』1冊----- (製本直送.comで)
で、1冊1,205円×1=1,205円、配送料330円で 合計1,535円(税込み)


Ordering the Omnibus of "Face Island"

'Face Island' corresponds to the second episode of the 'Lizard Manor' series. Up to now, I have written 350 sheets (400 characters per page) for this series, but 'Face Island' accounts for 210 of them, which is more than half.
This series is still ongoing, but due to the consistent setting, I decided to compile this part into one book.

I should have the proof copy ready by the next weekend.

As for calculating the pixel dimensions of the cover image, I decided to do an analog calculation by copying a past image, without the need to create a spreadsheet macro, as shown in the photo below.

The cost for this edition is as follows:
---- 'Face Island ~ Lizard Manor Episode Two' 1 copy ---- (via
A5 size, 164 pages, paperback, full-color cover, matte finish 1 copy for 1,205 yen × 1 = 1,205 yen, plus 330 yen for shipping, for a total of 1,535 yen (tax included)

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