Sep 06, 2023


今年は錦蝶(Bryophyllum delagoense)を木炭に植えてみた。小さくまとまって、部屋のなかではこれぐらいがいい。
『顔面島 〜とかげ荘 第二話』を10冊注文しておいた。費用は以下のとおり。

----『顔面島 〜とかげ荘 第二話』10冊----- (製本直送.comで)

現在まで『顔面島 〜とかげ荘 第二話』製本費用総計(現在まで11冊製作) 1,535円+11,615円=13,150円(税込み)

This Year's Kalanchoe

This year, I tried planting Kalanchoe (Bryophyllum delagoense) in charcoal.
They grow compactly, and this is just right for inside the room.

I pre-ordered 10 copies of "Facial Island - Tokage Manor Chapter Two." The cost breakdown is as follows:

---- "Facial Island - Tokage Manor Chapter Two" 10 copies ---- (from
A5 size, 164 pages, perfect binding, full-color cover, matte finish
So, 1 copy costs 1,205 yen × 10 - 1,205 yen (discount) = 10,845 yen, plus a shipping fee of 770 yen,
for a total of 11,615 yen (including tax).

Total bookbinding cost for "Facial Island - Tokage Manor Chapter Two" up to now (11 books made so far):
1,535 yen + 11,615 yen = 13,150 yen (including tax).

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