Nov 17, 2023



----『シュッポーン』20冊----- (製本直送.comで)
現在まで『シュッポーン』製本費用総計(現在まで21冊製作) 1,090円+13,800円=14,890円(税込み)

I ordered 20 copies of 'Shuppon.

I had planned to create them sooner, but the revision process took longer than expected.
While I had intended to compile a collection of poems by November, it will now be delayed until next spring.
The fourth installment of the 'Shuppon' series has reached 500 pages, and even though it is a fantasy novel, there was a need for adjustments in the consistency of the settings.

The on-demand production cost for this round is as follows: Due to an increase in fees on the production side of "Dokodemo Shuppan" ('Publish Anywhere'), I will be raising the price of this series from 850 yen to 1,000 yen (although I have not submitted it to "Dokodemo Shuppan" yet).

---- 20 copies of 'Shuppon' ---- (Ordered from
Format: A5, 72 pages, regular binding, color cover (with gloss finish)
Cost per copy: 770 yen, Total for 20 copies: 15,400 yen
15,400 yen - 2,310 yen (discount for 3 copies) = 13,090 yen

Shipping cost: 710 yen
Total: 13,800 yen (including tax)

Total binding cost for 'Shuppon' so far (21 copies produced to date): 1,090 yen + 13,800 yen = 14,890 yen (including tax)


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